Wednesday, April 18, 2012

John Wall Thinks He Played in Too Many Charity Games

Former Kentucky star John Wall thinks he is struggling a bit this season because he played in too many charity games and leagues during the summer.

Here are some of Wall's thoughts from Yahoo! Sports:

At various times this season, we've noted that Washington Wizards point guard John Wall, once thought to be a franchise savior, hasn't exactly developed as hoped. His turnover rate is higher than ever, and his shooting percentages are lower than ever. While the Wizards are moving closer to relevance, they can't become a truly good team unless Wall turns into a star.

It's as yet unclear exactly why Wall hasn't progressed, but there are plenty of possibilities: no help from the supporting class, the shortened season, etc. Wall, for his part, thinks he could have spent less time playing in charity games during the lockout. From a video interview with, as transcribed by Mike Prada at Bullets Forever (via PBT):

QUESTION: Did you feel like you were at a disadvantage this year? Nobody had a summer, nobody had much of a training camp, but for a younger player, that would seem to be pretty important.

ANSWER: No ... I didn't think I had a disadvantage. I just think that, instead of working out more, I did more of playing in charity events and summer leagues, when I should have been working out more. That's the only thing I think I should have done differently, but it was a great experience going to different states and venues

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Bob Jones said...

The problem with the Wizards isn't Wall! It's everything, or the lack of anything, around him. They will get a good lottery pick though so maybe they get some much needed help for JW!

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