Wednesday, May 23, 2012

John Calipari Makes Basketball Schedule Announcement

John Calipari has made some exciting announcements regarding Kentucky's basketball schedule during the next few seasons.

Calipari said on that he wants to create experiences, not just games.

In his announcement, Calipari mentions the following games/series:

- Kentucky and North Carolina will resume their rivalry with a 2-year series beginning in 2013-14. The game will be played opposite the Louisville game, meaning one game will be at home and the other will be on the road each season.

- Calipari is talking to Coach K at Duke about scheduling a multi-year, neutral-based series. He said it would be "the game" to watch on the same weekend every year.

- He said he is working on finalizing an event that UK hopes to have in Lucas Oil Stadium in 2013-14.

- Also in 2013-14, Kentukcy is planning a doubleheader with the UK women's program. Both teams would face Baylor at Cowboy Stadium in Dallas. Baylor will return th egame to Rupp Arena this season on CBS.

- Additionally, Cal noted that UK plays Duke in Atlanta this season and Michigan State in Chicago in 2013-14. He also mentions that the Wildcats will play a road game against a Big East opponent this season.

Here is an excerpt of Calipari's thoughts:

When we schedule, I want to create experiences, not just games. The thing about Kentucky basketball is it’s passed down from father to son. I want to schedule events that grandfathers and grandsons will be talking about 25 years from now. That’s part of what Kentucky basketball is about; part of what has made this place so unique. Those experiences mean our fans can go to those games in addition to another 20,000 fans that never get to go to the games.

We also want to create experiences for our players that prepare us for our 18-game Southeastern Conference schedule, which includes the addition of two NCAA Tournament teams in Missouri and Texas A&M. With that being said, we want to have a tough nonconference home game and a tough nonconference road game every year

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