Friday, June 8, 2012

Ray Kasongo Talks East Ridge, Recruiting and Adidas Nations

Ray Kasongo, a 6-foot-8 power forward who last played at East Ridge High School, has exploded on the AAU circuit this Spring and is emerging as one of the top recruits in the 2014 class. He has already picked up several high-major offers and is hearing from numerous other schools.

Kasongo has starred for Ohio Basketball Club at several AAU events in recent weeks and college coaches have noticed.

"I spoke with assistant Book Richardson recently and he reaffirmed that I have an offer from Arizona," Kasongo said. "I have also picked up offers from DePaul, UCLA and USC."

He noted that he has growing interest from several other schools, including North Carolina State and Florida State.

Kasongo has also spoken with University of Kentucky assistant Kenny Payne.

"I talked to Kenny Payne some the other day," he confirmed. "He said he's going to come watch me play in July. I hope to visit Kentucky after the Adidas Nations."

The Adidas Nations is a prestigious, invitation-only event that includes top amateur players from all over the world.

"I feel like it's a privilege to be there," Kasongo said of playing at Adidas Nations. "I'll work hard and be very happy to be there."

Following Adidas Nations, Kasongo will represent his home country of Canada on the nation's U-16 national team. He will also return to the AAU circuit with either Ohio Basketball Club or Ellis Myles' Louisville Magic team.

One hot topic surrounding Kasongo is whether or not he will return to East Ridge for another season. While he is leaning towards leaving the Pike County school to take his basketball talents to Oak Hill Academy, Kasongo says he has not made a decision yet.

"I'm still deciding what I'm going to do," he explained. "I like what Oak Hill has to offer me from a basketball perspective but East Ridge has stood behind me from day one. I'm still thinking about it."

East Ridge has hired Randy McCoy to replace former Kentucky player Preston Lemaster, who coached the boy's basketball program last season.

"I was upset about Preston Lemaster leaving," Kasongo said. "That being said, I have spoken to Coach Randy McCoy several times and like what he had to say. I'm not sure what I'm going to do at this time."

In describing his basketball game, Kasongo says he is improving and working daily to get better.

"AAU has been going pretty good," he said of his outstanding Spring. "I've gotten better at attacking from he perimeter and have developed a consistent outside jumper. I'm still working to improve my footwork and quickness."


  1. The kid has potential to be a star, if he learns the game of Basketball.

  2. Ray was cut from the Canadian National Team. Didn't even make the top 18. He has a long way to go if he wants to play for the UCLAs or Arizonas.

  3. Ray wasn't cutt from national team. He left to go play in tournament in Chicago, also he doesn't have a long way to go it's a reason those programs offered. It's a thing called upside an he has the most upside of anyone.!

  4. Nah, he was cut. Everybody knows it. Don't front, he didn't make it. We'll see how he turns out, though, he has shown flashes of potential in certain markets.

  5. Cut or not its obvious someone with half a brain thinks the kid has potential and if Kentucky is interested then he'd certainly be able to play for the Arizonas and UCLA's..... Yes time will tell as he's still young and learning

  6. Ray is an asset to the East Ridge Warrior's, I give him that...But the kid is only worried about being flashy imo...He is lazy,hotheaded, and immature on the court he has MUCH maturing to do before reaching his full potential, and if he doesn't, then he's as good to the team as the second string waterboy.

    Example: Johnson Central Regional Finals Game--Shane Hall embarrassed him.

    1. I get the same feeling.... Agree 100%

  7. He is soft. Brandon Bender is a joke! 30 year old playin with like high schoolers. Straight loser!

  8. Who is Brandon Bender? I thought this article was on Ray Kasongo.