Thursday, November 6, 2014

15-Year Old Teen with Leukemia Will Play for Bellarmine University Against Louisville Saturday

Head coach Scotty Davenport will allow a 15-year old kid with life-threatening leukemia to dress for the Bellarmine Knights in Saturday's exhibition game against Louisville.

Patrick McSweeney will take part in the entire game day experience. According to the report from ESPN, McSweeney will take part in the pregame meal, the walkthrough, the bus ride to the arena and hopefully the first basket.

“He’s going to blow by Terry Rozier, go by Chris Jones and score a layup,’’ Davenport said. “We’ll just be sure to tell Montrezl Harrell not to block it."

Here are details from ESPN:

He knocked on the door at the Louisville home of Patrick McSweeney, a player Davenport has known for two years now. He had a jersey, warm-ups, and sneakers for McSweeney to wear, and an offer.

“I said, ‘Coach [Rick] Pitino and I had a draft and since he had a better season than us, I got the first pick. You’re playing on our team on Sunday," Davenport said.

Patrick McSweeney isn’t listed on any recruiting sites. He’s just 15.

He has life-threatening leukemia.

And on Sunday at 12:30 he’ll be introduced as a starter against his favorite college basketball team, the University of Louisville, in an exhibition game.

“It’s the boost he needs right now," Debbie McSweeney, Patrick’s mother. “Just this week we found out his T cells aren’t being effective and for us to get this news, a day after some really bad news, it’s what he needed. It’s what we all needed right now, to have a little bit more hope."

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My thoughts: Kudos to Coach Davenport and Coach Pitino for allowing Patrick to have this incredible experience. Acts like this continue to remind us of how great sports can be.

Photo: Bellarmine

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