Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mercer County's Student Section Was on Fire Tuesday Night

Mercer County's student section was amped up for the Boyle County game on Tuesday night.

The kids were decked out in red and were loud throughout the game, which set the tone for a great atmosphere for high school basketball.

What I liked:

- there were a lot of kids in attendance and they were all on board with the "red out"

- the cheers were well-organized and students were working together throughout the game

- they had signs and noisemakers

- everyone appeared to be having fun

- they did something I haven't seen yet this season: they contacted other 12th region student sections and invited them to attend the game

- they had an sign (major bonus points!)

What I disliked:

- some of the chants and signs were a little over the top

The new rankings will be out early next week. Mercer County's student section will certainly be in the top 5.

Good job Titans!

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