Friday, March 20, 2015

Who Will Be the Next Coach at Northern Kentucky University?

There are a bunch of names being floated around for the open head coaching job at Northern
Kentucky University.

The three names I have heard mentioned the most:

- Travis Steele (assistant coach at Xavier)

- Larry Davis (assistant coach at Cincinnati)

- John Brannen (current interim head coach at Alabama) is hearing similar rumblings:

A bunch of names starting to surface at Northern Kentucky. The one that I’ve heard the most is Xavier assistant coach Travis Steele. He has been at Xavier for the past seven years, and also worked as an administrative staffer at Indiana. I’ve also heard acting Cincinnati head coach Larry Davis’ name mentioned here. Xavier and Cincinnati are both located about 15 minutes from NKU.

Obviously, Steele (NCAA), Davis (NCAA) and Brannen (NIT) are all currently competing in the postseason so this one will likely go on for a week or two.

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