Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Billy Donovan Leaving Florida for the NBA?

It's sounds like Florida might be losing head coach Billy Donovan to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Donovan is said to be in formal discussions with the Thunder at this time.

Here is an excerpt from the ESPN article:

Within NBA coaching circles, Donovan is widely regarded as the clear favorite to succeed Brooks, who made one trip to the NBA Finals and two other trips to the Western Conference finals in his seven seasons as Thunder coach.

Donovan is the first known candidate to talk with the Thunder about the job. It was not immediately clear how many other candidates, if any, Presti plans to sit down with. reported in early April that there was a growing sense among NBA executives that Donovan is more ready to make the jump to the NBA than he has ever been. He also has a very close with relationship with Presti, who has hired two members of Donovan's staff at Florida within the past 12 months to take positions with Oklahoma City -- Mark Daigneault as coach of the Thunder's D-League team and Oliver Winterbone as a data analyst.

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