Monday, April 6, 2015

John Calipari Reveals Which Players Will Likely Enter the NBA Draft

Kentucky head coach John Calipari revealed during his Hall of Fame speech today who he thinks is likely headed to the NBA from this season's team:

He also mentioned two others who could leave:


Anonymous said...

I said 6 Saturday night and did not have Johnson on my list. If he he goes and the other 6 go, uk could be looking at another NIT season. At least we will finally get to see Willis play some real minutes. That kid can play and deserves a chance. I wonder if he ever wishes he stuck with his Purdue committment, where he would get 30+ minutes a game, and 15+ shots a game. His skill set is perfect for the modern NBA. He is a poor mans Larry Bird.

Anonymous said...

He is weak. Still bench next year! Grayson Allen for Duke much better!!

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