Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Kentucky Extends Offers to 2016 PG Dennis Smith Jr. and 2017 SF Michael Porter Jr.

The Kentucky Wildcats have extended scholarship offers to 2106 point guard Dennis Smith Jr. and 2017 small forward Michael Porter Jr.

Smith is a 6-foot-2 point guard who ranks No. 4 overall on the list for 2016.

Porters is a 6-foot-8 small forward who ranks No. 2 overall on the list for 2017.

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Anonymous said...

What...UK doesn't have any recruits yet for the 2020 or 2021 seasons yet??? We don't want to let a top class 7th or 8th grader slip by unnoticed!!! Recruiting has really been slipping lately with only 6 players getting NBA drafted and another having to "walk-on" or "tryout". Calipari may have to go to a "double-platoon" system next year just to make sure EVERYONE gets noticed and drafted accordingly. The NCAA Championship is no longer decided by actually playing games during the regular season and NCAA post-season. It's decided by how many Top 150 recruits you can sign and how many players get drafted. Talent and W-L record be damned, it's all about perception now.

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