Saturday, August 1, 2015

NBC Sports Wonders if Addition of Isaac Humphries is a Red Flag About Skal Labissiere's Eligibility

Rob Dauster of wonders if Kentucky's addition of Isaac Humphries is actually a red flag about Skal Labissiere's eligibility.

Here's what Dauster says:

But there may be more to it than that, as the issues that have surrounded Labissiere throughout his recruitment have not been completely answered. No one that I’ve spoken to knows what the future holds for Labissiere, but the general consensus is that Calipari would not take a kid if he wasn’t going to be eligible. That said, there is enough smoke surrounding Labissiere and his guardian, Gerald Hamilton, that no one would be surprised if he got dinged for something.

One of the major questions for Labissiere is regarding the school he attended as a senior. He transferred out of Memphis Evangelical Christian school and into Lausanne Collegiate School, alsoin Memphis, but was ruled ineligible to play for the basketball team by the state of Tennessee. So Hamilton created a prep school called Reach Your Dreams Prep, which didn’t exist until this winter, for Labissiere to play as a senior.

It wasn’t the smoothest of transfers, to say the least.

Think about it like this: if Calipari was so confident that there would be no issues with Labissiere, would he be working so hard to bring in kids that play the same position as him?

The bottom line, however, is that with or without Labissiere, adding a player like Humphries now — and bringing in a player like Wynyard in December — is far from a bad thing.

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