Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Bozich: Louisville Needs to Replace Rick Pitino Now

Rick Bozich of WDRB.com believes Louisville needs to replace Rick Pitino with a new head coach who can lead the Cardinals through the escort scandal that has overtaken the men's basketball program.

Here is an excerpt:

Louisville needs a Mr. Fix-It -- and it needs somebody other than Rick Pitino to clean up this embarrassing mess. A new direction. A new face.

A new coach whose voice does not stir the thoughts of a sex scandal whenever you hear it.

No way Pitino survives this tawdry scandal of strippers, prostitutes, recruits, U of L players and sex that has swallowed its program for the last 18 days.

No way that Pitino should survive this, an inevitability that I believe even U of L president Dr. James Ramsey realized more than a week ago when his first statement featured support for athletic director Tom Jurich but not Pitino.

This wasn't one or two social mixers in the study lounge that went astray or a player flunking a drug or alcohol test or money in an express mail envelope. This is reportedly more than 20 incidents stretched over four years that turned the U of L basketball campus dormitory into something one former recruit said felt like a "strip club," according to a story at ESPN.com.

Pitino's stance since this story broke has not shifted. He has not denied that something against NCAA rules (or against any sensible moral compass) occurred. He has only denied he had any knowledge that something outrageous like this happened.

Maybe Pitino did not have knowledge. Possible? It’s unlikely, but certainly possible.

But he should have known something.

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