Monday, February 15, 2016

Rick Pitino Responds to Trey Lewis Comments After Notre Dame Game

Senior Trey Lewis wasn't very happy after Louisville's 71-66 loss at Notre Dame on Saturday.

Here is more from the Courier-Journal:

Lewis, who is U of L's second-leading scorer, said it has been tough in recent games because he is playing on "a leash" and "in shackles."

"That's tough, when you're constantly looking over your shoulder wondering if you're getting taken out," said Lewis, who is a fifth-year senior and transferred to Louisville last spring for his final year of college eligibility.

"That's tough as a player. Other than that, you just have to find a way to mentally get over those things."

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Rick Pitino didn't care for Lewis' comments and had this to say on his blog:

This is a big week for us to improve and take on two great opponents. We need to somehow find more minutes for Deng. Speaking of minutes, the frustrations aired to the media by Trey is the wrong forum. I went with Quentin and Donovan in stretches because Donovan has been playing the best in practice and games. Q gets the ball moving. All competitors want more minutes. I’m sure Deng wants to play, Donovan wants more than 18 minutes and Anas more than 11. These guys live by Louisville First. All competitors want to be out there to help their team win, but 25 minutes is nothing to complain about. Trey is a good person who made a Cardinal mistake. It won’t be his last. On to Syracuse.

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