Thursday, October 27, 2016

Rick Pitino Praises NCAA for Professional Investigation Into Escort Scandal

Louisville's Rick Pitino praised the NCAA for acting in a "professional manner" during their investigation into the school's escort scandal.

Here's what Pitino had to say at ACC media day:

"We're disappointed in what happened. Nobody's more disappointed than me of what happened and where it happened," he said. "I keep saying over and over, I'll never understand why it happened. That's the most difficult thing when I go to bed at night."

Pitino said the NCAA's investigation was "very thorough" and said the governing body acted in a very professional manner.

"We've got to be accountable and we will," Pitino continued.

The NCAA's report last week didn't mention a lack of institutional control — considered the most serious violation in some cases — which Pitino said means his program is "doing some things right."

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